Albert Watson 


Rotonda Besana Milano, Italia

The entire oeuvre of one of the greatest living photographers in two hundred and fifty shots spanning more than forty years of his career.

The world of fashion, portraits of movie and music stars, the contradictions of Las Vegas, the exotic scenery of Morocco, the faces of Louisiana prisoners "frozen" by the sensitivity of a true master of photography.

The first Italian retrospective dedicated to Albert Watson was held at the Rotonda della Besana in Milan from Sept. 27 to Oct. 16, 2004, under the patronage of the City of Milan and the King of Morocco and with the collaboration of RCS Corriere della Sera, Sony Italia and Citroën.

Two hundred and fifty works documenting more than forty years of his career, ranging from celebrity portraits to the faces of prisoners in Louisiana and from images of an utterly astonishing Morocco to those more recently taken in Las Vegas.