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The history of our group that began as Studio FP and then varied into FP Studio International began in 1990 and embraces the fields of:

Photography. Collaborations with the most prestigious publishing houses.

Hearst Group: Harper 'Bazaar America for 5 years.

Condénast Group: Vogue USA, Italy, France and Germany,
Vanity fair Italy and Korea

Rizzoli Group: Amica, IO DONNA, Anna, Gulliver, Style etc.

Mondadori Group: Grazia, Marie Claire, Chi etc.

STERN (Germany) etc....

We have and represent the most iconic Fashion and Reportage Photographers.

The 'beginning was with Irving Penn, Scavullo, Bruce Weber, Patrick Demarchelier, Albert Watson, Eddy Kohli, Markus & Koala, André Rau ,Chico Bialas, Peter Beard, Sergio Veranes etc and other famous ones, we were and for more than 20 years the European reference.

From 1990 to 2001 Naima Zeghloul. in the meantime taken over as a partner , was living in the USA in New York and was the CEO of the company N.P.M Team acronym for NEW YORK;PARIS;MILAN. Where our representative studios were based which included contracts for advertising campaigns with the most prestigious fashion brands Armani, Versace, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Etro, Lancel, Calvin Klein

Salvatore Ferragamo etc.....

And we have worked with celebrities all over the world in both fashion and film, music with for example:

Sofia Loren, Julia Roberts, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Catherine Deneuve, Kate Moss, Charlize Theron, Carla Bruni, Kendall Jenner, Gisele bündchen , Andrea Bocelli, Amira Casar, Monica Belluci, Britney Spears, Emmanuelle Seignier, Daniel Auteuil, Zucchero, Daniel Auteuil, Carmen Kass ecc

Movie shorts /length films.

"C'era una volta Essaouira" medium-length film set in Morocco and winner of the Mediterranean Film Festival based on THREE CASES in Italy.

"SOUTHERN BELLES" set in the American province and selected in 5 film festivals including the Tribeca Film Festival in New York..

Innovative television programs for RAI2. for 2 years: 28 episodes.

Outstanding innovative program for the times that grouped about ca 100 shorts movies researched by us around the world and screened for 2 years on RAI2 state television

Exhibitions. Only in the most prestigious muses.
Most important exhibitions:

- By photographer Patrick Demarchelier at the Museum , Monterey, Mexico

- 1997 "Beyond the End of the World" by artist Peter Beard at Museo Palazzo Reale Milan, Italy

- 2000 "Forms" by photographer Patrick Demarchelier at Museo PAC, Milan, Italy

- 2001 "Genome" by artist Peter Beard at the Museo Triennale, Milan, Italy

- 2004 "Nues" by photographer Sergio Veranes at the Museo Castello, Milan, Italy

- 2004 "Dynamic Mosaics" by artist Peter Beard at Galleria Armani, Milan, Italy

- 2004 "Frozen" by master Albert Watson at Museo Rotonda Besana, Milan, Italy

- 2013 "Martell Beijing" by photographer Patrick Demarchelier, Beijing, China

- 2015 "Dior Shanghai" by photographer Patrick DemarchelierShanghai, China

- 2017 "Kaos" by master Albert Watson at La Permanente Museum, Milan, Italy

-2022 "Paparazzi" by photographer Angeli at Museo de la Defence, Paris

- Palazzo Esposizioni, Rome Ongoing


-Pirelli (Demarchelier/Watson/Peter Beard/)

-Piaggio Vespa ( Peter Bears).

- Sony( A. Watson)

-Gulliver( Eddy KOHLY)

-G.Q Conde Nast( P. DEMARCHELER). And other


Books from a series for Rizzoli New York in which the greatest Photographers interpreted with their shots of Nations.

Madagascar by Gian Paolo Barbieri

Black-and-white shots that lay bare the everyday life of a distant country that we can understand and feel closer to, thanks to the expressive power of Barbieri's photographs.

Cuba by Eddy Kohli

A vision of an enchanting country, images of a world that may soon disappear.

This is the Cuba of Kohli, a keen observer able to capture the true spirit of the Caribbean island.

Maroc by Albert Watson under the mastery of His Highness the present King of Morocco.

Beyond the End of the World by Peter Beard

Experimentation and research of new communicative languages. This is the profound significance of Beard's photography.

Beyond the End of the World is a journey to discover a magical dimension.

Forms by Patrick Demarchelier

The most incisive images of Demarchelier's artistic career, Portraits of personalities, fashion photographs and landscapes, all characterized by the search for form, the essence of this artist's photography.

Nues by Sergio Veranes

The photographs collected in this work seek new harmonies and energies, revisiting the concept of the female nude.

These images guide us to the discovery of a new and different feminine dimension in the dreamlike path of Veranes' lens.

Dynamic Mosaics by Peter Beard

Dynamism, energy and experimentation bind together the images in this book.

The backdrop is Africa, the continent that bewitched the photographer and that he describes through images that express its immensity de strength, while presenting us with his own personal and creative story.

Frozen by Albert Watson

The entire oeuvre of one of the greatest living photographers in two hundred and fifty shots spanning more than forty years of his career.

The world of fashion, portraits of movie and music stars, the contradictions of Las Vegas, the exotic scenery of Morocco, the faces of Louisiana prisoners "frozen" by the sensitivity of a true master of photography.

Uzbekistan from Fund Forum. Seven photographers to present one of Central Asia's most fascinating countries.

Stern from Peter Beard. Default text.


- Andrea Bocelli in Morocco for his highness Mohamed's birthday.

- Zucchero in Milan for the centenary of LORO PIANA.

- Ennio Morricone in Uzbekistan for the opening of new Theater in the capital.

-Fiorella Mannoia with Orchestra Rai in Fez on Morocco,

- Zucchero in Cheb chaouen in Morocco.

-Julio Iglesias at Principe di Savoia.

Fashion show organization.

First Fashion week in Samarkand, consulting in Morocco and logically Milan.

Public Relations.

In 1994 on the occasion of the foundation of a new Party in Italy we were commissioned to take care of the communication image of 3 new future Parliamentarians and 3 Ns Photographers made the image of Alberto di Luca/ Paolo Romani /Antonio Tajani. .Albert Watson created the image of the current King Of Morocco , and the iconic photo of Steve JOBS .

Jean Daniel Lorieux counts among his images big brands (Dior, Louis Vuitton, Cartier etc ... just to name a few. Plus International celebrities such as Carla Bruni, Monica Bellucci etc..

Now we are sought by Museums to Organize Exhibitions of the above mentioned Masters with participation of International celebrities to give media prominence to the Event. We hope to provide a European media collaboration to your city that is increasingly coming to the fore. At your disposal with all the commitment that has supported us to date.

Naima Zeghloul and Fabio Fasolini.

Access to our archive containing The Past Projects of Studio FP can be reached at www.studiofp.com